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Recognizing the  achievements within the 2023 calendar year includes the awards to be presented at the 2024 Annual Conferences. The following information is provided to assist councils in completing their applications. Please follow all instructions carefully to ensure the opportunity to receive full credit.


• The 2024 Awards & Assessment Program concerns only events that occur between January 1, 2023 and the November 6, 2023 application deadline.

• Students are expected to perform the functions related to the application, including preparing the application(s), and to accurately represent the work of their council.

• Applications submitted by campus based professionals will not be accepted for awards consideration. We do welcome and encourge campus based professionals to offer suggestions and help students reflect on the council's achievements in advance of submitting awards to make meaning of past years' feedback, as well as connecting students with support from AFLV if necessary, and challenging students to submit in advance of the Monday, Nov. 6, 2023, deadline. 

• Remember that awards submissions are reviewed and scored by someone who does not know your council and was not there as you achieved each criterion. Keeping in mind that your entry should be user friendly for someone who is unfamiliar with your campus and your council will help you produce a more successful entry

.• Only events or activities sponsored and implemented by the council officers with advisement from the campus advisor and NOT events sponsored solely by an administrative office/professional staff (except as specifically designated in awards criteria) will be considered.

• In cases of programming jointly sponsored by two or more councils applying for awards, it is understood that items provided for supporting documentation may be very similar. However, proof of the applying councils actual participation must be included.

• Because not all councils submit applications in all categories, similar criteria statements or descriptive questions may appear in more than one category.

• All deductions apply to the awards component only. The Awards & Assessment Committee is committed to providing feedback and assessment data in every opportunity possible to ensure the learning can still occur through this program even if the recognition cannot. 

Feedback Only 

At times, award applications are submitted in a way that makes reviewing them for competition impossible. For example, a council may fill out the wrong application. Whenever possible, the Awards & Assessment Committee will still review the award and meet with the council at one of the two regional conferences so the council officers can receive coaching and feedback about their application. This will also be the score for any council whose application is not received by the published deadline. A "Feedback Only" score is not the same as a disqualification.The Awards Committee may use their discretion in disqualifying any awards entry. Disqualifications occur only in extreme situations.


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