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Welcome! We are excited you have taken the initial step in submitting your applications online! 

-When are applications due?

Applications need to be submitted online no later than Monday, November 6 at 11:59 p.m. PT. The system will automatically refuse your submission so be sure to send it in on time. You are welcome to submit anytime before then.

-Should we set up an account as a council, or as individual officers?

The system will work best when each council has a group login that they share. This will be better for the longevity of the program because then the data does not live with one student, but rather the overall council that can be passed down. 

-What if we notice an issue on an application (typo, numbering off, or need additional space to upload documentation).

No problem! The system is very responsive. It will be our goal to have any updates that you see needed made within 1 business day of receiving your message.

-What is the process for advisor review before submission?

Advisors are welcome to take part in the reviewal process. Advisors can ask the students to hold off on submitting until they have had a chance to review applications. The system has the option to save and come back to your work, so we suggest students wait to click the submit button until an advisor reviews the final submission. 

-What if our council does not do something that is asked?

It is important to note which section of the awards application process in which the council does not have information being sought. For example, if your school does not have housing, and there is a question around housing education, you can enter N/A (not applicable) and explain that you do not have housing. The N/A function is is specifically reserved for the General Information page before entering the 4 directional categories that make up the Council Compass program. 

When entering a star level, specific to 4 directional areas of the Council Compass awards application, all required open-ended essay questions must be complete to be considered. If your council finds that you are unable to answer a question within the star level, we suggest you return to the Main Question List and determine the star level that best aligns with the council's achievements.


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